Women Wear Bikinis For London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

The good, the bad and the ugly bits of the Games are being revealed as they emerged.  Why should women wear bikinis for London 2012 Olympics beach volleyball and why not if you object to the idea?  Clearly the wearers have not objected to the amount of flesh in exhibition. Do you think the spectators should have their say?

Women Wear Bikinis For London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

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Women Wear Bikinis For London 2012 Olympics Beach Volleyball

The idea that women are made to dress like this in front of billions of viewers is ridiculous regardless of whether the wearers like them or not, in my opinion.

This is what The Mail Online has to say:

That’s just sex,’ the Swedish journalist next to me said, as two 20-somethings gyrated on the beach volleyball court to the strains of the Muse track Feeling Good. ‘Is it always like this?’ Certainly not.

Just flesh. Lots and lots of it, everywhere you look, from 9am until midnight.

There won’t be much work done on Downing Street with this all-day festival going on in their back garden. And we haven’t even  mentioned the bikinis yet.

‘It’s got to be post-watershed, beach volleyball,’ joked BBC presenter Gary Lineker.

It certainly leaves very little to the imagination, not just in terms of the women’s skimpy kit.

Whereas the male counterparts are allowed to dress in modesty, covering up all their decency, ‘poor’ women wear bikinis for London 2012 Olympics beach volleyball thereby exposing it all to see.

But this is the difficulty. If you try to entice people to a game by showing them photographs of women in bikini bottoms, once they’re over the novelty, how do you keep their attention?

There was a very British sense of awkwardness about the proliferation of flesh, too. Do you giggle, gaze or just pretend it’s something you see every day? There appears, after all, to be no real reason for the tiny pieces of Lycra on show (and they are minuscule — the Dutch and Spanish girls must have been freezing as the rain poured down).

The men play quite happily in baggy vests and shorts, not shirtless or in Speedos, which meant it was a more relaxed atmosphere when they were on court.

‘They won’t let us (wear Lycra),’ countered Grotowski, rolling his eyes slightly at the question. ‘No, I don’t think anyone would appreciate us running around in bikinis.’

Read full story from The Mail Online

I am not a fan of bikinis myself. I would rather wear an overall swimming costume. Should women be allowed to wear skimpy bikini for London 2012 Olympics beach volleyball in front of young children? Do you think the volleyball game should be rated or does it not matter to you?

What do you think of the women’s beach volleyball bikini? Would you wear bikini in front of billions of people? Should the beach volleyball be treated as tennis where players are allowed to wear skirts over their shorts? Or if men are allowed to wear shorts and vests, why can’t women be allowed to do the same? Have you say!

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