What To Wear To Olympics

Finally the London Olympics is round the corner. In case you don’t know it, it starts on July 27th 2012 in the city of London, UK. It coincides with the summer season, so expect to bake and bask in the sun. A lot of people are asking what to wear to Olympics this year. If you are one of those unsure of what to wear, keep reading.

Watch the following youtube video to learn more about the Olympics in London this year.

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What To Wear To Olympics

Check out the following suggestions (casual wear) for what to wear to the 2012 London Olympics.














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However, some people have different opinions on what to wear to Olympics this year. Here is an excerpt from the Telegrapgh.co.uk

Australian Olympic shooting gold medallist Russell Mark is set to parade in a lime-green ‘mankini’ made famous by the movie character “Borat” at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics as the penalty for losing a bet. Mark, who won double trap gold at the 1996 Atlanta Games and silver in Sydney and is a potential flag bearer in his sixth Olympics, pledged to wear the skimpy swimsuit worn by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the 2006 film if Melbourne-based Carlton lost to St. Kilda in the Australian Football League. Read the rest of the story here…

What to wear to London 2012 Olympics

What are you wearing to the London Olympics 2012? Be patriotic, wear the national flag I would further suggest if you are not part of the officials!

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