What To Wear To Christening in Spring/Summer

The blooming flowers and the blazing sun are the signs that Spring / Summer is here. The weather is changing, the wind is cool, suddenly you can hear the birds sing, and it is nearly the time to attend a christening or baptism ceremony. But then, you are stuck on what to wear to the spring christening. You are also a fashionista who really want to keep to the trends for the season. First, you must remember that christening is a church ceremony performed in accordance with Christian beliefs. This means you must dress appropriately for the environment.

The Church Rules:

A Rule Of The Thumb:

Whatever is suitable to wear as a mother of the bride to a church wedding, should be suitable to wear to a christening ceremony. Therefore, if you are the mother of the baby, picture yourself as the mother of the bride.

What To Wear To Christening in Spring/Summer
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What are suitable clothing to wear to a Christening?

As baptism or christening is a Church event, Church rules must be respected.

If you are a woman, you can wear a dress, a skirt or trousers suits with matching accessories. Be aware that christening ceremony is not as glamorous as a wedding, therefore, you may choose to wear any semi-formal clothing pleasing to the environment and weather condition.

You can choose to wear a vintage dress if you like vintage clothing. This Lindy Bop ‘Antoinette’ vintage long-sleeved brocade dress has lace trim to cuffs, neckline and hem, which makes it a perfect choice for a christening or a cocktail party.

The floral print Audrey Hepburn style 1950s vintage dress with a wide flared out full circle skirt section is a classic and iconic style that will never be out of fashion.

Vintage dresses

Audrey Hepburn Style Vintage 1950's Pinup Dress











The church (moral) rules:


  • You are allowed to wear a pair of trousers (comfortable and smart, not too tight) with a suitable top or as a complete suit.
  • Wear a knee-length or midi dress with sleeves that are also comfortable and smart with no cleavage
  • A smart skirt suit is also ideal (knee-length or below the knee skirt)
  • Comfortable heels, sandals or flats as the weather permits
What to wear to christening in spring / summer
Photo courtesy Coast Stores


  • Do not wear skimpy clothing
  • Do not wear clothing with too much cleavage
  • Do not expose your shoulders and thighs
  • Do not wear skinny Jeans

The Fashion Trends For 2013:

The fashion designers and the industry are predicting that bold colours will dominate 2013 fashion trends. Some are even saying precisely ‘green’ family will play an important role in fabric and makeup colours this year. According to Yahoo! News, monochrome will be in-thing this year:

…  monochromatic columns, sweet ruffles, skirts and pantsuits will be ‘in’ for 2013.


What To Wear To Christening in Spring-Summer Tibi Alina Geo Dress - what to wear to a christening in spring

What To Wear To a Christening









Crystal Diamante Clutch Evening Bag Shoulder bag






Click on any of the images for more details.

The Tibi Alina Geo dress in the middle is from Shopbop

Do you like black and white? The contrasting shades of black and white trends are going to be essential for the spring and summer season’s trends. This trend in any combination will be suitable to wear to a christening in Spring/Summer season.

The Mono Tones are versatile, you can wear them with brighter shades. This trend will forever be in fashion. You can never do without black and white; so don’t be afraid to add as many designs as possible to your spring/summer collection.


Rhonda Rose Dress - What To Wear To Christening in Spring/Summer

Floral is the Spring colour; bloom, bright, feminine, sweet and beautiful!

Floral was predicted one of the top 10 fashion trends for 2013 by Guardian.co.uk during the Milan SS13 Fashion Week

Quirky sunglasses, enough floral to start a garden in your wardrobe, designer caricature T-shirts and the best way to tie a ponytail. The Observer’s Jo Jones rounds up the key trends for spring/summer 2013.

The best way to wear floral is to pair with a plain piece or a neutral colour. For example, if you are wearing a floral dress as seen below, wear a plain jacket or bolero over it. The belt in your floral dress makes it more classic.

What about Sleeveless dress or tops?

Again, it is OK to wear a sleeveless top or dress provided you wear something like a jacket, bolero, shrug or even a shawl over it to cover your exposed shoulders.

The following dresses are suitable to wear to  a christening ceremony in spring and summer:

Olin Orchid Print Tunic Womens 3.4 Sleeved Cropped Jacket with Back Pleat Detail and Bow Womens 3 Piece Set - Ivory Shift Dress with Contrasting Black and Blue Floral Print, A Black Mesh Over-Blouse and Matching Necklace Womens Sleeveless Shift Dress with Rose Floral Print











What is the best time to wear prints and floral clothing other than the spring/summer season? You can never go wrong with either a hint of floral or totally floral in your spring/summer collections. As the names suggests, who wants to look dull on a brilliant sunny day in a garden full of flowers? Flowers, Prints are this season’s must-haves.

These dresses are not just suitable to wear to christening ceremonies, some of them are suitable to wear to weddings as a mother of the bride or as a wedding guest.


Parkeet Dress ISSA Long Sleeve Wrap Dress Mariana Shift Dress
















Similar to floral, prints trend is everywhere this season. They come in various shapes and sizes – they are cool, wild, hot, colourful, floral, and anything you can think of. You can wear this to any event of choice, but remember, if you are attending a baptism ceremony in the church environment, you will need to dress appropriately. Always carry a scarf or shawl with you in case your dress is sleeveless.

The ISSA long sleeve wrap dress in the middle is from Shopbop

Prints trend is here to stay for some time to come.

Bold colours:


What To Wear To Christening in Spring/Summer Womens 3.4 Sleeved Notch Necked Cropped Bolero

Lily Dress














Bold colours, and a lot of it for this spring / summer season. You had better have your sunglasses handy because these colours could make you go blind, so to speak due to their vivid nature. Burberry and Gucci demonstrated these colours during the London Fashion Week SS13.

How should you wear bold colours?

Because they are plain, you can pair with you floral or print with matching accessories.

Or you can colour-block as you wish.

Green is the color of 2013, emerald-green to be exact. So said fashion designer Christine Lam in GMA News’ 24…


What to wear to christening in spring - summer


Signature patent peep toe

Ladies Green Skulls Knuckles Rings Clutch Evening Bag






CLICK on these pictures for more details

 Bold colours will definitely dominate the trends in 2013. I can’t wait for the sun to come out.

I love bold colours, they are bright and brilliant. If you want to make a statement attending a christening ceremony this spring/summer, wear bold colours. you will definitely make the headline for the right reasons.

Do You Need More Choices?

You can find more inspirations on what to wear to a christening from some of our partners below:

What to wear to a christening

The dress above, Adrianna Papell Shirred top net skirt dress, was £150.00 from House of Fraser

what to wear to a christening in spring

Jacques Vert Vivid Floral Print Dress is £169.00 from John Lewis. This dress can be worn both by the guests attending a baptism or the mother of the baby.

Please note the above prices may vary as they were valid as of the time of writing this post.

Christening Gown

If you are the parent/s of the child being christening, don’t forget to buy a befitting christening outfit for your precious little one.

Peter Pan Collar Christening outfit

This gorgeous baby girls white Peter Pan collar christening dress will make a wonderful heirloom for your baby girl. It includes a matching bonnet and an attached slip.

Don’t forget the BABY whose christening you are attending, therefore, you may need to take a christening gift along with you whether you are a Godmother or just attending the ceremony as a guest.

My Christening Day Chritening Gift Set, Frame Knife Fork & Spoon

Check Here  for some christening gifts including christening gifts jewellery.

Courtesy photos christening gifts jewellery
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If you are yet to attend a christening ceremony, watch this video to see how it is done and what people were wearing.

The Christening of Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden

Courtesy: YouTube

Which of these trends do you prefer most and would be wearing?

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