What To Wear To A Creative Job Interview

What To Wear To A Creative Job Interview

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We all know that we need to dress to impress when attending a job interview because first impression matters a lot. However, what you wear to a job interview will depend on the nature of the job for which you are being interviewed. The norm is to wear a suit, whether grey, black or brown. But what do other professionals in the creative-job, plumber, or non-office professionals wear to job interview?

This may be a little different if you work in the creative sector like radio station, TV, newspaper or the media as a whole.

According to the interview with some Glamour editors, it seems that their views are a little different:

Caitlin Brody, assistant entertainment editor: It was pouring and cold that day (of course!), so I layered a lacy, gray long-sleeve Free People shirt under a 12th Street Cynthia Vincent dress. I wore it with Michael Kors heels, which were one of just two pairs of heels I owned at the time. I accessorized with two necklaces: the “Caitlin” nameplate necklace I wear every day and an opal necklace that was my mom’s. The vibe I was going for was serious but fun and with personality, while not seeming too obviously interview-y to my potential bosses.

Sophia Chabbott, senior online fashion editor: I wore a black Vena Cava flared skirt, olive green Sandro silk T-shirt, black cutout suede sandals, a black lacquer cuff, and my “oui” ring from Dior—I was hoping so badly to get the job, so I wanted to put positive “YES” energy out there.

From the editors views when it comes to the creative job interview, anything goes. There is no restriction whatsoever it looks to me. Attending a corporate interview, you are not allowed to wear jewellery other than your wedding ring if you are a married person. But Alexandra Schwartz smashed it all with her bangles:

Alexandra Schwartz, assistant to the editor-in-chief: I wore my safe, go-to, and recently dry-cleaned navy blue silk Club Monaco button-down. It’s loose enough to be comfortable but fitted enough to be ladylike. I paired it with a black-and-white tweed midthigh skirt, sheer black tights, and black heels. I wore my hair down and straightened, and minimal jewelry. A ring on my left hand, a few bangles on my right, and a small gold chain necklace. I was petrified, but apparently I did OK!

I totally believe that if you wear what you love, your confidence will shine through! says Christina Pérez, fashion development editor

What did you wear to your job interview and why?