UPDATE: What to Wear To A Christening

Christening which is also known as Baptism is a Christian religious ceremony. Christening is the baptism of a newborn, and the process involves the use of water in the Church. There are no set rules on what to wear to a christening ceremony, however, wearing all black attire is not advisable as black is associated with mourning. Christening is part of a celebration to mark the arrival of a newborn baby, so there is no need to wear gloomy clothing. What to wear to a christening will also depend on the dress code chosen by the family.

What To Wear To A Christening

There are no wrong or right answers for what to wear to a baptismal ceremony, but I would suggest:

  • wearing something smart and not too dressy would be ideal.
  • asking the family if they have a particular dress code for the day
  • if you must wear black dress or skirt, use bright accessories to complement it
  • not to dress like you are going to a wedding, but again, it depends on the family
  • nothing over the top or too revealing either, something that will conform with the Christians  faith and beliefs.
  • what to wear will be determined by the weather condition and the season
  • in summer time, wearing a more feminine colour with either sandals or a smart pair of shoes sounds like a brilliant idea.
  • I wouldn’t wear skinny jeans or any body hugging clothing, rather I would wear a pair of either baggy or tapered trousers with a nice bright top and an informal jacket or cardigan; or even a pashmina just in case it feels breezy.

Check out these selections for what to wear to a christening and indeed to any special occasion:

Be aware that your choice of clothing will depend on your age, your height and of course how much you want to spend.

You may also want to know that what you wear to christening in Spring and Summer may be different from different from Autumn / Winter.

My selections below are suitable for  teens and matured adults.

Be aware that some of the items below may not be available to buy when you are reading this post, but they will give you an idea of what to wear to a christening ceremony.


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  1. ISSA Navy Brocade Jacquard Shift Dress
  2. Karen Millen Fun stripe peplum knit cardigan
  3. Wallis Grey Embellished Neck Dress
  4. ISSA Purple Silk Jersey Wrap Belted Dress
  5. Miss Selfridge Cream Embellished Playsuit

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Watch the video below showing the baptism ceremony of a Princess in the Netherlands:

Courtesy YouTube

Share your experience on what to wear to a christening with us, what would you wear to a christening? If you have been to a christening ceremony, what did you wear?

What do you think of these selections?

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