What To Wear in The Classroom as a Teacher

Gone were the days when teachers were looked on to as role models by their pupils. The decline or none existence of this in the current generation is partly due to the lack of respect and discipline in the classrooms. I thought a teacher’s role was meant to be formal unless if the teaching was carried out at home; in this case home schooling. Teachers who dress inappropriately are often laughed at and not taken seriously by their students.

What To Wear in The Classroom as a Teacher


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What should a Teacher Wear in the classroom to Command respect?

Dressing appropriately will no doubt command more respect for teachers. I have seen teachers dressed in both pictures above; it is a no brainer which of these teachers will be taken more seriously in the classroom by their students.

A report by the Startribune in the USA found that some schools have now banned teachers from wearing faded jeans and shorts to work.

A school district in West Virginia prohibits teachers from wearing faded jeans and shorts to work. Last month, an Alabama school superintendent proposed a dress code banning capri pants and scarves, plus restrictions on eye makeup and nail polish. The most surprising proposed change? Proper undergarments must be worn at all times.

I have seen teachers wear cropped tops with even their pierced belly button showing. I remember my daughter coming home one day asking if she could have her belly button pierced like her teacher. You can imagine what my reaction was on this occasion.

If corporate organisations could impose dress codes on their employees to project a positive image for their businesses, I wonder why the same could not be done for teachers who teach our children.

If school pupils are to wear smart uniforms to school, the same should apply to the teachers who teach them in my opinion.

Most school districts say teachers are expected to follow the same dress code rules as students. Just as students are discouraged from wearing yoga pants at Minnetonka High School, so are their teachers.

Why Should Teachers Have a Dress Code?

Recently, the MCC passed on a dress regulation for similar reasons of women turning up on the cricket playground wearing next to nothing.

The rule of the thumb is dress professionally and your pupils will take you more seriously.

  • Having a dress code will ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately
  • Confidence in the classroom will be improved
  • Pupils will take their teachers more seriously, and in turn the teachers will command more respect from the pupils
  • It avoids unnecessary distraction in the classroom.

“I love dressing like I do, because it makes me feel good and gives me an extra dose of confidence, which sometimes you need in a room full of 26 energetic fifth-graders,”

You don’t have to be a fashionista, but when your look commands respect, your students will be proud of you and they will aspire to be like you.

“When [teachers] look current, yet appropriate, it makes them look even more informed, it adds to their credibility as a role model,”

Every teacher should make the effort to wear something that looks good in a good way without breaking the bank. You can dress well without being too expensive. You can be stylish and elegant with less money. If you invest in good quality clothing that will stand the test of time, you are bound to get a good return on your investment. You will be able to wear those clothing items again and again.

Whether you want to make a style statement in the workplace, or you just want to be professional, check out the links below:

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What do you think of having a dress code specifically for teachers? Or what do you think is appropriate for teachers to wear in the classroom?

Are you a teacher; do you support or object this report?

If you are a student, how would you like to see your teacher dress up in the classroom?

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Which of these looks would you take more seriously as your Teacher?

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