What To Wear For Summer

If you are wondering about what to wear for summer 2012, or if the sun will ever show up, don’t worry, just stock up. Summer is here so are the events and activities.

Here are some advice for you:

This summer, match up fluorescent with khaki or a breezy cool top with bell bottom pants and channel the calm and comfort of your inner hippie celebrity.

Girls go for either short shorts or long flowing pants and skirts.

Not surprising sheer is the trend this season, and it seems to be taking the cities by storm. Who wants to go about in the hot sun wearing very thick dull clothes? Brighten the season with some lively sheer blouses. But remember not to leave too much cleavage, wearing a camisole is a must in my opinion for decency. So, ladies, no flashing of flesh unnecessarily.

What to wear for summer

As summer festivals sprout up, some shorts are good for comfort, especially those that zip up the side, says Burdge.

It’s enjoyable to wander in and out of festivals wearing sundresses and other breezy fabrics, too. Sheer fabrics and lace are big trends this season. “You get the flirtiness of something short with the coverage of something long,” Garton says of Popmart’s maxi dresses with a short dress underneath and a sheer dress on top.

Who says only celebrities like Kelly Brook can shine in vintage. Hey, you can wear vintage too to events this season.

“We’re lucky right now. You can mix old with new, urban with conservative,” Garton says.

Vintage high-waist jeans and pants are another nice choice for staying fashionable at outdoor concerts and other festival events that keep your body moving and your feet wandering. “Vintage is rising in popularity,” says Lisa O’Brien, owner of UnderWired. “People are catching on a bit more to dressing for your body.”

Maxi dresses are slimming but still blow in the breeze. Dressing for your body, and also dressing for the sporadic summer weather, is necessary for day trips, too. Read the rest of the tips from  Lehigh Valley live here…

Don’t forget your sunglasses and the rest of your accessories. Have fun this summer.

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