What Should I Wear To A Concert?

You may find going to a concert very exciting, but bewildered with what to wear regardless of what sort of concert you are attending ; which in most cases would be a rock concert.  Then you found yourself asking, what should I wear to a concert? Well the things to know about concerts are they are very loud, hot and the environment may sometimes be rough.

You will probably be going to the sort of concert as shown below:

What Should I wear to a concert?

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Concert 4th June 2012


This was a high profile concert organised for Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee celebration. If you were one of the VIPs, deciding what to wear would be easier. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want to wear anything too extravagant. Something semi-formal or casual such as a dress with simple blazer similar to what The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was wearing here.



What Should I Wear To A Concert?

Summer season is the time for most outdoor activities such as concerts. If you are not going to be a VIP but one of the croud as seen below, then the situation will be different.

What Should I Wear To A Concert?

Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Concert 4th June 2012


Here are some tips for what to wear:

  • First, imagine yourself in this croud  =======>
  • Assuming the weather will be hot, you will need to wear a plain cotton top or T-shirt over a pair of shorts or jeans trousers
  • Shoes should be flat, comfortable, trainers or converse. This is so because there is the probability that you will be jumping up and down and the last thing anyone wanted was a sprained ankle or being stepped on by a pair of wedges or narrow heeled shoes.
  • Keep your accessories very simple to just bangles and no danggling earrings for health and safety purposes.
  • It is a definite NO to a dress unless you are a VIP with a reserved seat and separate entrance. Remember you are likely going to be squashed or pushed over.
  • Other things to consider include a small bottle of water as you may be dehydrated, a small pack of tissue to wipe sweat.
  • The list is not exhaustive, think of what you might need when you imagine yourself to be in the croud above.

Here is a checklist:


Jeans or trousers


These are suitable to wear to a Summer concert.

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