Wear Your National Flag – Support Your Team

Nearly two weeks into the London 2012 Olympics, the Gold medals won are rising for some countries. Don’t beat yourself if your country is yet to win a gold medal. Be proud of your nation, wear your national flag to support your team nonetheless. They need you behind them and seeing the flag could boost their performance.

Wear Your National Flag – Support Your Team

Wear Your National Flag - Support Your TeamNot sure what team to support, I recommend Team GB, because they are great on both the medal tables and generally. If you an African descendant, then wear the Nigerian flag to support Nigeria.

This is an excerpt from Yahoo! News:

There was no mystery as to which team Varun Pemmaraju was supporting: His American flag was tied around his neck, the Stars and Stripes floating like a cape behind him.

“I was going for the Superman, Captain America-look,” said the beaming 19-year-old computer science and chemical engineering student from San Jose, California, as he stood a stone’s throw from Olympic Stadium. “I thought America was a little under-represented.”

Patriotism and the Olympic games have long gone together, but gone are the days when one just waved a flag. Now flags are worn.

Be patriotic, wear your national flag with pride to support your team. They need you now. It doesn’t matter however you wear it.

I support two teams – Team GB and Nigeria. If you are an African descendant, please proudly wear the Nigerian flag because Nigeria is simply the best!

Wear Your National Flag - Support Your Team

Nigerian Flag






Click HERE for suggestions on what to wear to the Games.

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Wearing the flag, well, that’s for spectators. Still, people like Pemmaraju are wearing it well.

“It’s a way of celebrating all the things that your country is about,”…” Read full story from Yahoo! News…

If you can’t wear your national flag or don’t want to wear it, then wave it to appreciate your team. The Games have been fantastic so far and hope you are being part of the fun by wearing your national flag.

Do you support the idea of wearing the national flag? Please leave your comments below whether you agree or disagree.

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