Victoria’s Secret Coming To London Westfield

Finally, it is confirmed that Victoria’s Secret will be opening one of its planned two UK stores in July 2012. The initial plan was to open two stores (Bond Street and Westfield – Stratford) in the UK to coincide with the Olympic games. Victoria’s Secret coming to London Westfield has been an ongoing rumour.  As an American retailer of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products, the fashion store is known for its annual fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and for its catalogs, both of which feature top fashion models. The aim of the company is to create a comfortable environment for men to shop.

Victoria's Secret coming to London Westfield Victoria’s Secret Coming To London Westfield

It was rumoured last week that the opening had been postponed. It is definite now that Victoria’s Secret will launch in London – Westfield Stratford according to the latest news by Therefore, fans get ready to paint the street red!

There’s been an incredible buzz in London following the announcement that Victoria’s Secret was finally set to launch in the UK, in the form of two stores, one on London’s famous Bond Street and the other at London’s fairly new shopping destination, Westfield Stratford. The opening of the stores was initially planned to coincide with the Olympic Games, which meant that in hand with all of the fun pop up events and festivals planned to celebrate the games.

In November 2005, the company opened its first boutique in the UK at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 with the help of World Duty Free. On July 24th 2012, Victoria’s Secret will open their first store at the Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, London according to reports.

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr has spoken to Vogue UK to clear up speculations and confirmed that the Westfield Stratford store will be opening on the 24th July as planned, and it’s the Bond Street store that will follow a few weeks later than hoped. Read more from

Are you excited and really looking forward to the Victoria’s Secret London opening? I may be going to the Stratford Westfield store on 24th July if it is definite that it will open. I hope to see  all the loyal fans there. By the way I got the pictured bag from the London Heathrow’s Duty Free shop in 2005 along with other items purchased, ha, ha, ha! Do you have something similar to show us? Leave your comments below.

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