Top Fashion-Related Google Queries

Top Fashion-Related Google QueriesWe all go to Google to search for one thing or another as the search engine seems to have answers to most, if not all of our questions. According to Google’s recent annual release of the top trending searches in 2014, ‘how to wear a scarf‘ came top for the list of the most-googled in the fashion sector, followed by what to wear to a wedding, what to wear to an interview…

Photo: Bethany Mota by Gage Skidmore

Surprisingly, Bethany Mota, a 19-year-old YouTuber, came first of the fashion designer category beating Kate Spade,  Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang to 2nd, 3rd and forth places respectively. Bethany rose to fame for her haul videos, in which she shows her fashion purchases via the internet. This goes to show the power of YouTube videos and the younger generation have on the economy via the internet. The American young designer now has her own fashion line for Aeropostale; with her over seven million YouTube subscribers, she will be laughing to the bank every day.

In the wellness category, paleo diet won the trendiest diet followed by Atkins diet, then gluten-free.

The most searched weddings of the year were Kim and Kanye, Brad and Angelina, Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson in the order of the top 10 searches for 2014.

If you are trying to get rid of your acne, don’t worry as that came top of the search for the year in the beauty category.

You can only guess who would have come first for the most search in red carpet dress. Not surprisingly, Rihanna in her daring dress for the CFDA, Lorde’s quirky fashion sense made her second and the third place went to Lupita Nyong’o.

Here is the summary of the top 10 Google searches for ‘what to wear’ in 2014

1. How to wear a scarf

2. What to wear to a wedding

3. What to wear on an interview

4. What to wear on a first date

5. What to wear to a concert

6. How to wear a beanie

7. What to wear with leggings

8. How to wear ankle boots

9. How to wear a maxi skirt

10. What color matches brown

I love Kate Spade accessories a lot, but it is good that Bethany came first on the search engine to encourage the young generation to have entrepreneurial spirit.

What fashion advice did you search for on Google in 2014?

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