Tips On How To Wear Makeup – Video

Wearing makeup will be an added complement to your dress codes.
Your choice of powder, blusher, lipsticks, perfumes, skin care products and even hair products and accessories can go a long way to enhance your beauty and personality. Your dress code will determine the level of cosmetics to use, whilst it is always good to use good skincare products according to your skin type at all times.
Be aware that your appearance immediately tells who you are. First impression counts. So it is essential to wear the appropriate clothing, cosmetics and accessories at the right time.

Here is a video I found on youtube showing how to easily apply makeup.

Tips On How To Wear Makeup – Video

Always remember that before you apply makeup or use any beauty product:

  • you will need to choose products that are suitable for your skin type  and skin colour
  • your face is clean by using a suitable cleanser for your skin type. Cleansers remove old makeup, dirt and dead skin from your face.
  • you have applied a toner especially if your skin type is very oily. The purpose is to remove the last traces of oil  and dead skin, however, this step may not be necessary for many.
  • the last step is to apply moisturiser lightly on the face; remember also to choose the one suitable for your skin type. Wwait for a few minutes for it to be absorbed, and you are ready to go.

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