Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Every year, people from most part of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, Valentines Day or VDay (all saying the same), on February 14. VDay is known across the globe as the day and opportunity to celebrate love. Red, Pink and white roses are typical colours that depict Valentine’s Day. Watch The Short Video Below For Valentine’s […]

Watch These Romantic Comedies On Valentine’s Day

If you are dreading Valentine’s Day, not anymore as we have put together a list of funny and romantic movies you can stream on Netflix to watch whilst lounging on your sofa in the comfort of your home. “Clueless” (1995) This updated version of Jane Austen’s “Emma” gave us Cher Horowitz in all her plaid-skirt-wearing, […]

Ten Free Valentine’s Gifts For Women

Six weeks after the big year end holidays, another gift-giving holiday appears — Valentine’s Day. While this day is limited to only one gift for a loved one, it can still present financial and emotional challenges, particularly when buying gifts for women. If you have the means to buy a gift for a woman, you […]

Valentine’s Day Inspired Manicures

Finally, Valentine’s Day is here! This is a day that you are bound to see more red, more flowers, expensive chocolates and the likes delivered and received. Valentine’s Day is also the day to see more marriage renewals, marriage proposals coupled with wine and dine in exclusive restaurants.  Valentine’s Day Inspired Manicures Going out tonight for […]

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2013, falls on a Thursday. Different categories of people, married couples, unmarried couples, singles, children, families, will celebrate the V-Day. There will also be different types of gifts exchanging hands. Not everyone will receive a gift; also, not everyone will give a gift. Whether you can give a gift, you cannot […]

Tips For What To Wear On Valentines Day

The pressure is mounting, Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, yet you don’t know what to wear? What to wear on Valentines Day will depend on many factors such as where you are going and the time of the day.   Courtesy photos Tips For What To Wear On Valentines Day If you are […]

Competition Time

Diamond is a girl’s best friend, so is Sapphire. Which is your best friend? Join in the fun, cast your vote! We know you have been trying to vote. Unfortunately there are some technical issues with the POLL system, please send your vote on the comment box below. Sorry for the inconvenience caused 🙂   […]