Alexa Chung And M&S Collaboration

According to M&S, the Alexa Chung & M&S Collaboration to form “Archive By Alexa“, is the first of the three collaborations with the “M&S &” series launching in spring 2016. Alexa Chung  is an English fashion model, television presenter, and contributing editor at British Vogue. Of course celebrity collaborations with High Street stores are nothing new; the […]

Is Kate Middleton Really Stylish And Classy?

Well, how best can anyone describe Kate Middleton’s fashion style? As a royal, she just have to be classy because that is the rule of being a royal. Is Kate Middleton really stylish and classy just to fulfil her royal duties? Generally speaking, every woman in the royal family dresses classy and stylish because they […]

Fashion Style For Older Women

With the glossy magazines filling the shelves every so often for the younger generations and the fashionistas, little is said about fashion style for older women or fashion for women of any age. The fashion industry tends to ignore mature women in their trends due to obvious reasons – they only focus on fashionable age […]