H&M Launches Beauty Range In Autumn

In order to form a one-stop shop for its customers both online and in-store, H&M has announced the launch of its beauty products. Before you get too excited, the launch is expected in all its stores worldwide this autumn, and it will include a full range of make-up as well as haircare, bodycare and beauty […]

Can Your Makeup Bag Be Without Lipstick In 2014

The New Year 2014 has only just started. The beginning of the year is when people make so many resolutions on what to do and not to do in the year. Beauty products are some of the things women can’t do without in a single day. Even men are competing with women theses days with […]

Weekend Makeup Ideas

Hooray! It is Friday, you have parties lined up, even if it’s your baby sister or your little ones, you still have to attend a party. But you don’t know what you need when it comes to makeup; or that weekend makeup ideas. Well, I am here to help simplify your choice/s whether for your […]