What To Wear On A Weekend

Thank God it is Friday! Friday marks the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend. For most people, weekends are always full of activities, be it family day out, attending functions like weddings, christening or any special occasion. We are here to help make your selections on what to wear on […]

Ladies Handbags

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What You Wear Could Change Your Life

Often, we hear the slogan – ‘you are what you eat’. The same goes to what you wear; therefore what you wear could change your life. If you dress appropriately for the job interview, you could get the job; the same goes for first dates, holidays, weddings, and the way you dress generally. Here is […]

UPDATE: What to Wear To A Christening

Christening which is also known as Baptism is a Christian religious ceremony. Christening is the baptism of a newborn, and the process involves the use of water in the Church. There are no set rules on what to wear to a christening ceremony, however, wearing all black attire is not advisable as black is associated […]