SS16 Fashion Trends Highlights

Spring and Summer 2016 (SS16 fashion trends), wow I can’t wait to see those blooming flowers and the sunshine again! Spring is the time of the year to start ridding your wardrobes of those thick woollen and dull colours. Like ants coming out of hibernation, and blooming flowers in the garden, we start to see the effect […]

2014 Fashion Trends Forecast

I understand we are still in December, preparing for Christmas; but it is good to know what the fashion gurus are predicting for 2014. Looking at my magic ball, I can see some rainbow colours in the sky and of course some models cat-walking the runway wearing yellow, purple, red and orange. Seriously, what do […]

How Celebrities Influence Fashion Trends

These days, you only need to be on one of the News channels once before fans go crazy on you. You suddenly become celebrated across the globe. Your fans want everything you have if they can afford it; even if they can’t afford it, they look for a cheaper alternative. Following in the footsteps of […]

London Fashion Week SS14 Key Trends

Not surprising, flowers in various shapes and forms dominated the London Fashion Week SS14 runway show. This is in no doubt a reflection of the spring season where you see flowers blooming. Nearly all the London designers have a floral collection as if to say if you can’t beat them, join them! Don’t get me […]

New York Fashion Week SS14

In the fashion world, the month of September signifies the fashion month as most fashion designers show us what to expect to wear in the following year’s spring and summer through their collections. Kicking off with NYFW, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week started last Thursday in New York with SS14 collections from famous designers like Desigual, […]

The Importance Of Fashion Industry In Our Society

Simply put, we all wear clothes whether they are made by famous fashion designers or ordinary people. Certain people are responsible for what you are wearing today. Certain people provide the facilities for making the clothing we wear. Without these facilities or facilitator, you and I will be wearing what our forefathers wore back in […]

Fashion Style For Older Women

With the glossy magazines filling the shelves every so often for the younger generations and the fashionistas, little is said about fashion style for older women or fashion for women of any age. The fashion industry tends to ignore mature women in their trends due to obvious reasons – they only focus on fashionable age […]