Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

If you are looking for glamour, fantasy and entertainment, the recent SS 2015 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week which took place on 30th January 2015 was the place for them. It is good to be able to fantasise in those glamorous looking designs even though you can’t afford to buy them. Although haute couture are […]

Is Kate Middleton Really Stylish And Classy?

Well, how best can anyone describe Kate Middleton’s fashion style? As a royal, she just have to be classy because that is the rule of being a royal. Is Kate Middleton really stylish and classy just to fulfil her royal duties? Generally speaking, every woman in the royal family dresses classy and stylish because they […]

The Importance Of Fashion Industry In Our Society

Simply put, we all wear clothes whether they are made by famous fashion designers or ordinary people. Certain people are responsible for what you are wearing today. Certain people provide the facilities for making the clothing we wear. Without these facilities or facilitator, you and I will be wearing what our forefathers wore back in […]

Fashion Style For Older Women

With the glossy magazines filling the shelves every so often for the younger generations and the fashionistas, little is said about fashion style for older women or fashion for women of any age. The fashion industry tends to ignore mature women in their trends due to obvious reasons – they only focus on fashionable age […]

Sienna Miller Rocks Vintage Clothing

Sienna Miller was recently seen wearing vintage clothing and accessories. The actress was wearing a printed retro dress on Sunday in New York. Sienna Rose Diana Miller is an English actress, model, and a fashion designer, who was born December 1981. In 2006, the 31  year old designed a fashion capsule for Pepe Jeans So […]

Miley Cyrus Fashion Style

Miley Cyrus is frequently in the news these days but most recently for the fashion style. First it was for her haircut, now it is for her shirts or should we say body-less shirts and tops?  This brings me to question Miley Cyrus fashion style. As a Disney child star, you probably thought she would […]

2013 SAG Awards Fashion Style

SAG (Screen Actors Guild Award) Awards have been one of the major awards events in Hollywood since 1995. Nominations for the awards come from 4200 randomly selected members of the union.  SAG Awards may not be the most talked about, but it still has some of the A-list actors and actresses featured, each glamorously dressed […]