RIP Oscar de la Renta At 82

One of the world’s most famous and celebrated couturiers, Oscar de la Renta has died at the ripe age of 82. He was a Dominican American fashion designer; born in Santo Domingo and was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo; he became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers who dressed Jacqueline Kennedy.

RIP Oscar de la Renta At 82

He was the youngest of  seven children, and also the only boy.

He left home at the age of 19 to study painting in Spain. However, he got fascinated by the fashion world and started sketching for Spanish leading fashion houses.

The designer worked for Lanvin and Balmain; his eponymous fashion house continues to dress leading figures, from film stars to royalty, into the 2010s.

His designs were also famous amongst the first ladies, starting with Jackie Kennedy to Laura Bush.

La Renta’s recent famous design was the wedding dress of Amal Alamuddin to George Clooney.

Oscar de la Renta died of cancer according to sources. He had fought the disease for over 10 years. Nonetheless, he was not afraid of death. This is the price we will all pay one day regardless of status.

Yes, I had cancer. Right now, I am totally clean. The only realities in life are that you are born, and that you die. We always think we are going to live forever. The dying aspect we will never accept. The one thing about having this kind of warning is how you appreciate every single day of life.

The Style, Inspiration, and Life of Oscar de La Renta

This beautifully updated version of the original 2002 volume, brimming with iconic fashion photography and images from de la Renta’s personal albums, gives an inside view of the designer’s creative inspirations and private world. Oscar is the story of a man whose artistic, generous spirit transcends his fashion creations.

Oscar de La Renta: The Style, Inspiration, and Life of Oscar de La Renta

The Style, Inspiration, and Life of Oscar de La Renta

In 1977, de la Renta launched his fragrance, OSCAR, Oscar de La Renta Oscar Eau de Toilette Spray for Women,  followed by an accessories line in 2001.

Oscar de la Renta Resin and Cabochon Flower Bracelet

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How would you remember Oscar de la Renta today?

…the man who made women look and feel beautiful – Laura Bush

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