Popular Christmas Pajamas To Wear This Christmas Eve

Popular Christmas Pajamas To Wear This Christmas EveHow many days before it’s Christmas? I’ve heard close family members ask this question. There’s only one reason why some people, especially the young ones, ask how far to Christmas we still have. The most important thing for youngsters and some adults in Christmas time is the gift that comes along with the festive season. Whilst still in pajamas, some will rush out of bed just to open their presents. Are you planning to wear Christmas pajamas this season?
You can make the season more fun by wearing matching family Christmas pajamas, couple PJs, whichever applies to your circumstances.
It is good to know that some retailers stock different varieties of the festive PJs from Christmas plaid, snuggly Christmas nightwear, onesies, bold colours to winter snowflake.

A study by Zulily uncovers what the Americans are planning to wear this Christmas eve. The Americans call them ‘Pajamas‘ whilst the Brits say ‘Pyjamas‘.
The study shows some people may have already bought their PJs, but there are always last-minute dotcomers like me who will wait till the last minute to get their own. If you are one of such people, keep reading:

Christmas Pajamas Trend To Wear

  • Matching Family Christmas Pajamas For The Traditional Family:

Matching family Christmas pajamasHaving new pajamas for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning is a fun tradition in many families. It adds to the excitement of the evening, and also makes room for cute selfies of the Christmas morning.
In some, it’s a family tradition to wear matching Christmas PJs on Christmas eve. Treat the family to Christmas pyjamas ahead of the holiday season; or they can make a perfect gift. It’s not Christmas eve without a proper family Christmas pyjamas including mother daughter matching pajamas and something for your pets too.
The Americans are said to be good at wearing family Christmas pajamas. The Brits have a catching up to do.

  • Short and Sexy PJs

Mark and Spencer has many Christmas pyjamas in different designs. Click here to see them all.

If you are a new couple and just spending the holiday season with each other, then short and sexy camisole set as shown above would be ideal. This Silk & Lace Camisole Set with French Knickers are from Marks and Spencer. They will also make a perfect gift

  • Matching Christmas Pajamas For Couples

Matching Christmas Pajamas For Couples
This product comes in different color choices Click here for More Images

If short and sexy pajamas are not your cup of tea as a couple, then you can swap for a full couple PJs as shown or flannel plaid pajamas. Plaid cotton flannel footie footed pajamas available from Amazon

  • Christmas Pyjamas Onesies

Christmas onesies
The Christmas onesies come in different colours and designs. Click here for more options

  • Plaid Pyjamas


The Americans love their plaid, Click here to see more designs for the whole family

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  • Christmas PJ for pets:

Christmas pajamas for pets

Santa Claus cable knit turtleneck sweater for your 4 legged pets. Click here for more options

I love the idea of having matching family pajamas on Christmas morning; do you love this idea or the family tradition behind it? Do you have a Christmas family tradition?

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