MCC Members Dress Regulations

It is that time of the year again for sports and games. The Summer season is associated with various outdoor activities. Cricket is one of those events which people love to watch or participate in. However, last year the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) issued a dress code for its events on the Lord’s Cricket Ground. Due to popular demand, we are bringing this story up again as the season draws near.

What do you wear at Lord’s? The events and what to wear at the Lord’s are not as glamorous as the Royal Ascots. In order to bring some prestige to the environment, the organisers have decided to introduce a dress code for both match and non match days.

Smart casual is the minimum standard of dress allowed for both ladies and gentlemen, including their friends and families.

The minimum standard of dress is “smart casual” for both sexes. Jackets and ties are not required, but gentlemen must wear collared shirts (even when a collared sweater or jacket is worn on top) at all times.

Bare feet, bare torsos and anyone wearing dilapidated or offensive garments of any kind will not be permitted under any circumstances

Dress Regulations In The Pavilion On Match Days:

Pavilion dress code match dayx600Courtesy photo:

Do’s For Ladies:

  • dresses
  • skirts, trousers (which may be cropped below the knee), culottes, with blouses or smart tops, and
  • shoes, boots or sandals.
  • Dresses, blouses and smart tops may be sleeveless.

Ladies are expected to wear items of clothing similar to the following:

MCC Members Dress RegulationsMulti pink floral sundress available to buy from Dorothy Perkins or any other fashion store

MCC Members Dress Regulations

Don’ts for Ladies:

  • Any form of sports show such as trainers or plimsolls (manufactured for playing sport)
  • T-shirts (manufactured for playing sport or bearing advertising logos or offensive language)
  • Beach-style flip-flop shoes
  • Shorts
  • Jeans of all types and fabrics (e.g. denim, corduroy, moleskin, cotton)

Dos For Gentlemen:

Gentlemen shall wear lounge suits or tailored jacket and trousers, shirt, tie or cravat and shoes with socks.

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Gentlemen will not be admitted to the Pavilion, including the Pavilion Concourse, unless, on entrance, their dress conforms to this Regulation.

  • Any form of sports show such as trainers or plimsoles (manufactured for playing sport)
  • Pullovers or cardigans (unless worn under a tailored jacket)
  • Sandals and shoes worn without socks; and flip-flops
  • T-shirts or singlets

Nonetheless, for both male and female, religious, traditional or national dress can be worn.

Dress in the Pavilion for Non-match days

Rules for non-match days are relaxed. Members and their families and friends are allowed to dress casual; but, the minimum standard is still ‘smart casual’

The Pavilion Dress Regulations are relaxed, and Members and their guests may dress less formally.

Non match day Pavilion dress regulationsx600courtesy:

Don’ts For Ladies:

  • Garments in military camouflage colours
  • Shorts
  • Beach-style flip-flop shoes
  • Tracksuits

Don’ts For Men:

  • Shirts which do not have a collar, including crew-neck shirt (polo-neck shirts are acceptable)
  • Combat- or cargo-style trousers
  • Sandals and shoes worn without socks and flip-flop shoes
  • Torn, ripped or unclean clothing
  • Jeans of all types and fabrics (e.g. denim, corduroy, moleskin, cotton)

Dress in the Members’ Friends’ Enclosures

If your friends or families are accompanying you to the Cricket events, the following are the permitted dress code:

Same as for members, the minimum standard of dress for members’ friends and families is ‘smart casual’.

The minimum standard of dress to enter the Members’ Friends’ Enclosures is “smart casual” for both sexes.

Members and their guests are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of dress while in the Members’ Friends’ Enclosures.

To avoid any embarrassment at the entrance to the enclosures, Members must ensure that their attire, and that of their guests, is appropriate for the area. Find out more at the


Lord’s Cricket Ground – What To Wear

Be aware that if you, your families or your friends do not dress appropriately, you will not be allowed to the Lord’s Cricket ground.

Concerned about this new dress code? Leave your comments below.

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