Shop Black Friday Deals Online

Using a one-stop-shop for all my shopping has always been a great way to shop for Black Friday deals globally without leaving my home. Probably because you are able to get everything from basic to high-end luxury items from one store whilst still in your pajamas makes life a lot easier. If you are like […]

What To Wear On Valentine’s Day Under £20

Have you spent too much during Christmas and now dreading Valentine’s Day? There are various ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones without breaking the bank. I have curated what to wear, what to do as well as some gift ideas you can make or buy under £20.00. These will make a perfect […]

105 Easy Paleo Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and sweet potato rosti.. for breakfast? Hmm, yum! You are what you eat as the saying goes. To maintain a healthy living and lifestyle starts from what you eat. Eating breakfast can increase your mental activities by supplying your body with the necessary fuel to start the day. You can […]

Katy Perry Halftime Show: Grade It!

Katy Perry Halftime Ad

Baby, there were fireworks at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona on Sunday, as Katy Perry anchored a musical performance full of pomp, circumstance and colorful hair.

It opened with Perry doing her best Katniss Everdeen impression, rocking a flame-themed outfit and riding a giant lion as she sang “Roar.”

She then broke into “Dark Horse” while backup singers wore really weird costumes, transitioning from there into a duet of “I Kissed a Girl” with Lenny Read More…

Idina Menzel National Anthem Performance: Grade It!

Idina Menzel National Anthem Performance

How did Menzel compare to past Super Bowl national anthem performers, such as Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera?

She didn’t forget the lyrics! That was a good start. And how about U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds?!?

Grade Menzel’s booming voice below and then toggle through past Super Bowl singer to contrast and compare:

On Sunday evening, Idina Menzel went from the cold of Frozen to the heat of Glendale, Arizona.

The actress, best known for her impressive Broadway career until she broke through the mainstream by singing the Oscar-winning track “Let It Go,” belted out the national them prior to Super Bowl XLIX.

Did she knock it out of the park score a touchdown with America’s theme song?

How did Menzel compare to past Super Bowl national anthem performers, such as Read More…

Nick Gordon: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Husband to Blame For Troubled Star’s Woes?

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon

After the late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in the tub and hospitalized Saturday, many questions have arisen.

Like her mother before her, Bobbi Kristina Brown has battled substance abuse in the past, but it’s unclear exactly what landed her in the hospital.

She is currently under a medically-induced coma, but breathing. Beyond that, her condition and what factors led to it remain unclear at this time.

A drug-related search came up Read More…

Super Bowl XLIX: Celebrities Choose Sides!

Ben Affleck

There are many questions fans may have heading into Super Bowl XLIX:

Will the Seattle Seahawks win back-to-back world championships? Will the New England Patriots with their fourth title of the Bill Belichick era?

Will anyone be able to stop talking about Tom Brady and his balls?

There’s also this: Which teams are famous actors, actresses and singers cheering on?

Celebrites Choose Sides in Super Bowl XLIX

1. Ben Affleck
Go Patriots! Ben Affleck is Read More…