Lady Gaga Rocks LFW With Philip Treacy Hat Design

The London Fashion Week which began last Friday, 14 September 2012, is not with unusual presence of quirky designs; this time from Philip Treacy. It was reported that Lady Gaga rocks LFW with Philip Treacy hat design by opening the milliners show. Philip Treacy is an Irish hat designer who has designed hats for Alexander McQueen‘s white Haute Couture collection at Givenchy in Paris, for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, and for Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan; and most recently for the Royal Family.

Lady Gaga Rocks LFW With Philip Treacy Hat Design

Royal Wedding hat of Princess Beatrice of York courtesy: AnonMoos

The London Fashion Week will not function without the quirky styles of Lady Gaga on display. She made an elaborate entrance to announce the opening of Philip Treacy’s show.

Lady Gaga can always be counted on to make an outrageous entrance.

The sartorial singer and fashion muse opened famed hat designer Philip Treacy’s runway show with a burst of hot pink netting that covered nearly her entire body.

““Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest milliner in the world: Philip Treacy,” she announced to the the enthralled crowd, the Associated Press reported.

Watch this video of Gaga’s announcement of Philip Treacy.

Lady Gaga Rocks LFW With Philip Treacy Hat Design

Video courtesy: Youtube

Gaga has long been a fan of Philip Treacy — in fact, she once discussed taking an internship with the British designer.

The diamond-encrusted lobster she wore atop her head to a London after-party in 2010 was designed by Treacy, as well as the infamous telephone hat she wore during a UK interview just before the release of her hit single, “Telephone.”

If you are ever going to buy any of those hats, you definitely need a big bag to carry it and other essentials for the show.

Here are some Fashion Week essentials not to be missed:

Pashli Leather Tote

LFW essentials and must haves

The Treacy designs also paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson where some of the models were seen wearing original MJ’s stage outfits which apparently had been loaned to the designer.

The styles weren’t just tributes — they were the real thing.

The outfits, which included the original red “Thriller” jacket — were lent from a collection held by the King of Pop’s costume designers, per the AP.

The models were inspired to lend some Jackson-esque dance moves to the runway, including Alek Wek, who impressed the crowd in a “white glove” hat, ElleUK reported.

The hats were a eye-popping blend of feathers, swooping golden bowls, metallic latticework, crystals, LED displays and even a ship with waving sails.

CLICK HERE to read and see more photos of Lady Gaga and Philip Treacy’s hats at The New York Daily News.

Are you planning to attend or have you been to the London Fashion Week? Let us hear your thoughts about the event as it continues.

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