Kids Turned Into Fashion Models

Kids Turned Into Fashion Models

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We have heard and seen children actors and actresses, but it seems the sky is the limit for kids these days in all areas of works. Child modelling is becoming popular, whilst some parents do it for the fun of it, some do it for the economic reasons. Kids are turned into fashion models not just in the most popular and elite countries, but all over the world. All that is required is for you to upload a photo of your child into Instagram. Bam, you are done!

In Brazil, there is an Instagram account called FashionKids dedicated to children who can demonstrate their fashionable lifestyle thereby turning them into their own street style stars. The photos are no doubt cute, but I hope this will not make these children spend money uncontrollably when they grow into adults, all for the sake of being fashionable.

The Mail Online reported that the original aim of the FashionKids was to inspire fashionable parents and children.

The FashionKids account receives more than 400 images from parents all over the world, which are then ‘rigorously selected’.
The goal of FashionKids is to create an ‘inspirational’ platform where children’s fashion is talked about in a ‘healthy’ way.

What started as simple ‘outfits of the day’ from stylish local children, has gained a cult following of nearly 1.3million followers

 FashionKids Facebook page has nearly 400k followers in addition to their Instagram 1.3 million followers.
It is no doubt the owners of the sites are doing this genuinely, but lets hope it does not get out of hands and FashionKids lives to its full purpose.

‘We’re talking about children’s fashion, so make sure your comments are friendly, not mentioning any obscene language, racist or sexually explicit. Personal attacks are not allowed,’ state the Instagram rules.

Early this year the first ever global Fashion show for children, Global Kids Fashion Week (GKFW)  took place in London and that received a mixed reaction from most people.

FashionKids is not relying on just photos from parents but they are now extending their request to include videos as well. Understandably this is for a good course, I wish them all the best.

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These children are cute and adorable, but what do you think of fashion modelling by children?

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