Kate Middleton’s St Patrick’s Day Outfit

I wonder if you know the history behind St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you know it or not, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and hope that you made it all green today. Today, March 17, marks the celebration of St Patrick Day, a reason to feast hearty dishes, drink beer and wear it all green.

Kate Middleton's St Patrick's Day Outfit

Courtesy photos: As a tradition, the day is marked with a parade in participating counties and attended by the Royals. Kate Middleton has attended three consecutive parades two of which she wore the same green coat. However this year, she changed her course by wearing green from head to toe. Also as a tradition, the Duchess was tasked with handing out 300 shamrocks to the guardsmen. The green coat Kate Middleton wore allegedly was from Hobbs sale. Whether or not it is true, she looked marvelous in all green.

Dressed head to toe in green (her coat is a Hobbs sale buy), Kate Middleton was tasked with handing out 300 shamrocks to the guardsmen – a royal tradition which has been in place since 1901.

Ever wondered why it’s all green on this day? Well, if you can’t match up to the Duchess’ fashion style here are some fashion accessories that are more affordable and casual for you to complement your outfit from head to toe in everything green.

Kipling bag
New balance shoes

Did you wear it all green today? How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Are you inspired by Kate Middleton’s St Patrick’s Day outfit? Please comment below, we love to hear from you.

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