Is Kate Middleton Really Stylish And Classy?

Well, how best can anyone describe Kate Middleton’s fashion style? As a royal, she just have to be classy because that is the rule of being a royal. Is Kate Middleton really stylish and classy just to fulfil her royal duties?

Is Kate Middleton Really Stylish And Classy?

Generally speaking, every woman in the royal family dresses classy and stylish because they have to do so. How many of the royals have you seen dressed or behaved like Miley Cyrus in public?

The Queen, the late Princess Diana, and even the younger royals like Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie all dress classy and stylish because it is their duty to be classy. Being classy gives you respect; being stylish gives you good followers because they all want to be like you.

Not surprising that Twiggy, a supermodel who is the face fashion style for older women adores the Duchess of Cambridge stylish composition so much so she calls her “Stylish And Classy”.

What makes the Princess stylish and classy?
  • She is a royal
  • She is beautiful
  • The Duchess shops both low and high-end fashion
  • Kate looks gentle and easy-going…

Kate Middleton is nice and level-headed no doubt about that. I love her fashion style as much as I love her personality.

It is only Kate Middleton that will buy a dress from Topshop, or Zara and within 24 hours, the company will be sold out.

Her love of both designer and high-street just makes her wardrobe more accessible to the masses. Dressing exactly like an actual duchess is a big thing.

I didn’t hear the shop where Miley bought her bikini from sold out the night she wore them to the VMAs in 2013. Or did I miss something?

Kate Middleton has the quality every woman, young or old should look forward to possessing. That will make every woman a royal, and we will see less of Miley Cyrus’ styles. Oh well, there will be less variety to make the News headlines.

There is a dignity in every woman. Bring out the dignity in you, dress stylish and classy and the world will respect you; dress trashy, you will be famous for the wrong reasons.

‘I follow what she wears in the magazines just like everyone else, and she dresses beautifully”

What does your dressing say about you?

What do you really like about the Duchess’ style?

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