How To Plan Wedding Day Timeline

A Wedding Day is crucial for everyone concerned, most especially the bride. Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun, but if the tasks are not properly allocated, the process may leave you emotional and financially drained. To alleviate your worries on the D-day, here are some tips on how to plan wedding day timeline. You probably thought you had everything in control, but you may be mistaking if you don’t have everything documented and responsibilities allocated.

How to plan wedding day timeline

There are two different timelines leading up to your wedding day that you will want to have. One is a monthly to-do timeline that breaks down what you need to do each month… nail down a budget, select a venue, buy a wedding dress, etc. The second timeline is equally as important, the Wedding Day Timeline. This timeline is crucial because it breaks your big day down by the hour, if not the minute. It is important to figure out what time you are having your wedding rehearsal, what time you are getting your makeup done, what time is dinner service… and the list goes on.

There is nothing worse than guests looking at their watch because they are getting bored, dinner just took way too long to be served or your flowers arrived late. If you have a plan, your day will be remembered for how much fun it was, everything went smoothly and how much thought you put into the day. It is up to you to bring your day to life and create a timeline.

How to plan wedding day timeline

The best way is to get other people involved, such as your family and friends. In case you are unable to achieve tis, then get a professional wedding planner to do the job for you. This will no doubt take away some of the pressure and stress from you. Here are some tips I found in huffington post which I believe will be useful to anyone planning a wedding.

1. Create a Wedding To-Do List – You need to have a timeline leading up to your wedding day. When you hire a wedding planner, they will create a custom one for you, or you can find great wedding timelines online and in wedding magazines.

2. Be Proactive – Start checking off the major items you need to take care of. Venues can be booked 8-12+ months in advance if popular and in high demand. Don’t wait until the last minute or leave it up to fate.

3. Know Your Strengths – Even if you have a Type A personality, know when to ask for help and seek your Bridal Party to help with anything you don’t have time to complete.

4. Be Realistic – When creating the timeline, you can’t fit everything into one day. Give yourself time to add “cushion time” throughout the day because if you are driving from one location to another, there may be traffic. You want the day to run smoothly and don’t need added stress on things out of your control. Read the rest of the tips here…

Relieve yourself of the stress associated with planning a wedding, follow the guidelines given in how to plan a wedding day timeline. Organise yourself and master the schedule so you know that everything is being taken care of. Relax and enjoy your day.

Come back and let us know how the plan went as well as the D-day if you read this article before your wedding. I hope you have found it useful, if yes, LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter

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