How To Look Fashionable On a Shoestring Budget

There is recession everywhere, but unless you live on a different planet, money is not that easy to come by these days. However, you are tempted to buy everything that comes your way in order to maintain your fashion style. Whether you are a fashionista or not, it is a good idea to be able to keep to the trend whatever the season. I have some tips to help make the most of your money.

How To Look Fashionable On a Shoestring Budget

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How To Look Fashionable On a Shoestring Budget

Here are some tips to help you look fashionable on a shoestring budget:

  • Keep it Simple

Fashion goes, fashion comes but the earth remains. You don’t have to buy everything in the season. Put your investment on ‘timeless’ fashion. Do you know that there are some fashion trends that are good for all seasons? Buying contemporary things will mean you can wear them in any season, so you don’t have to worry if the item is still in fashion or no longer in fashion.

  • Mix and Match Your Accessories

You can wear an outfit in a dozen different ways by pairing with different accessories. For example, your choice of shoes, jewellery, and handbags will add sophistication and elegance to an old outfit. Michelle Obama does that, and so do other celebrities. Adding a statement jewellery to your old or cheap outfit will make you look fashionable and different from the norm.

  • Shop Online

Shopping online gives you access to a vast numbers of shops you would not have dreamt of visiting in a day. There are always online shopping bargains to take advantage of each time. This gives you an opportunity to buy things in the comfort of your house and delivered to your doorstep without having to spend money on transportation. Most retailers now offer online discount codes to offset your purchase cost. By subscribing to fashion newsletters, you can have these codes delivered to your mailbox.  Whether you are looking to buy party dresses, shoes, or accessories, these can be achieved online without breaking the bank.

  • Buy good quality items

Do you know that ‘cheap’ sometimes is not cheap? If you buy a good quality item like a dress, shoes, bags, they will last you longer than when you buy a cheap one. For example, my daughter, due to peer pressure, used to buy from a cheap fashion retailer. Later, she found out that her shoes would only last for a couple of weeks at the most because the shoes would start smiling in no time. She would have to go back to either return or buy another one. In the end, she was spending more money than anticipated. Subsequently, she had to stop buying from the shop.

  • Look for bargains

Sales seasons are the times when retailers are getting rid of their old stock to make room for new season’s. These are the great times to buy good quality and timeless possessions. I always buy from the sales seasons. I recently got myself two lovely pairs of shoes online with free delivery right to my door. Their combined original price was £220, but I paid just under £40 for both pairs of shoes. That was a good bargain. Therefore, there are loads of savings to be made if you shop online at the right time.

Above all, focus on having some good quality clothing in your wardrobe rather than many cheap ones. Then each season, top up with a few; adding accessories will transform your old dull garment into a vibrant, chic and stylish outfit.


Watch this video on how Michelle Obama  accessorize and co-ordinate her outfits.

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How To Look Fashionable On a Shoestring Budget

Do you have any suggestions on how to look good and fashionable on a shoestring?

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