How Celebrities Influence Fashion Trends

These days, you only need to be on one of the News channels once before fans go crazy on you. You suddenly become celebrated across the globe. Your fans want everything you have if they can afford it; even if they can’t afford it, they look for a cheaper alternative.How Celebrities Influence Fashion Trends

Following in the footsteps of Kate Middleton, our latest celebrity caught in the act of fans is the 12-year-old Sasha Obama. She was seen wearing a unicorn sweater when she sat courtside her family at a game in Maryland last weekend. It took less than 1 hour before her loyal fans went berserk on Twitter about her sweater.

After the 12-year-old sat courtside with her family at a basketball game in Maryland on Sunday, people couldn’t stop buzzing about her black unicorn sweater. “Nothing in college basketball this season will be cooler than Sasha Obama’s sweater,”

It was reported that the ASOS sweater soon went out of stock as a result.

Sasha is not the only one causing retailers to run out of stock. Kate Middleton is well-known for making clothing items sell off the shelf quicker than ever imagined. But the Duchess is also very good at recycling.

are you interested in this unicorn sequins jumper by Markus Lupfer? It is available to buy from: and I am convinced this will soon be out of stock as they are limited in supply.

I must say that Sasha’s sweater really looks cool with the patterned unicorn, the colour she coordinated properly with the rest of her outfit.

See how the exact sweater Sasha was wearing at Huffington Post.

Do you think Sasha has taken after her mother’s fashion style?

Do celebrities influence your shopping habit?



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