Gigi Burris Millinery SS15 Collection

Gigi Burris millinery SS15 collection

Showing her designs for the first time at this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Gigi Burris millinery SS15 collection is simple, yet with a sense of elegance to it. delicate textured designs with inspirations drawn from nature.

For the SS15 season Burris was drawn to the shade of blue, as seen in Yves Klein’s Anthropometries. Inspiration was also found in the linear movement seen in Robert Mapplethorpe’s floral photography and sea urchins.

With her passion for the love of  both headwear and unique luxury and an inspiration by the craft of an art that is slowly dying Gigi was able to put together the SS15 collection. Using natural straw, ostrich poofs and peacock flue; and emotional reference from vintage photographs, shows her limitless imagination for creating such elegance.

A palette of black, natural straw, blue and white is met with the elements of sewn shiny Racello Braids, Swiss Star bright straw, ostrich poofs and peacock flue… an emotional reference sourced from 1950’s beach photographs and illustrated by the milliner through her whimsical couture feather work fascinators, and wide brimmed straw hats.

The Designers Behind Gigi Burris Millinery SS15 Collection

For every successful piece of art, there must be great personalities behind it.

Putting together the SS15 collection are, in addition to Gigi Burris herself, a host of other designers such as Albertus Swanepole, Amirah Kassem, Andrew Rosen, Ashley Smith, Athena Calderone, Chelsea Leyland, David Neville, Fiona Byrne, Hamish Bowels, and the list goes on…

Photo credit: BFA | David X Prutting


Stockist and Contact info:

Gigi’s millinery collection is available globally by Colette Paris, Gago FR, amongst others. More info can be found @GIGIBURRIS | #GIGIBURRIS or on the website.

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