What To Wear To A Creative Job Interview

Courtesy photo We all know that we need to dress to impress when attending a job interview because first impression matters a lot. However, what you wear to a job interview will depend on the nature of the job for which you are being interviewed. The norm is to wear a suit, whether grey, black […]

How To Dress For Job Interview

Often the focus is on women and what they wear thereby neglecting the men. Nonetheless, the men’s fashion is picking up and some men are even more fashion conscious than women. This is not just about dressing up, but this is all about getting the job. This is about some fashion tips for men on […]

What To Wear To Job Interview

Before you decide on what to wear to job interview, you just have to read this whether it is your first job interview or not. When attending a job interview, it is all about the look, the first impression, how to make an impact on the interviewer the first time. Therefore, job interview look is […]