Fashion Tips: Co-ordinate Your Fashion Accessories

How do you decide What To Wear with your makeup or which makeup goes with your outfit, making the right choice can be very daunting indeed. I have been digging and stumbled on fashion tips: co-ordinate your fashion accessories which I believe you will find useful.

Fashion Tips: Co-ordinate Your Fashion Accessories

 Fashion Tips: Co-ordinate Your Fashion Accessories

Before deciding What To Wear, You need to know the purpose of your outing or the reason for wearing what; which will eventually determine the type of outfit and makeup to wear. This means the event will determine your outfit and your outfit will determine your makeup.

When it comes to attending a function, we (female) sometimes are at a  loss in deciding what to wear and often ask ourselves these questions: which handbag should I use; which jewellery goes with my outfit; what shoes should I wear; what level of makeup is acceptable? And so on and so forth.

For example, you may be dressing up to attend a wedding ceremony, a red-carpet show, christening, a date, concert, job interview or even to a funeral. Fashion accessories in the likes of jewellery and makeup are there to complement your outfit. Therefore, they need to be in moderation.

Ladies who are draped in diamonds should wear less make-up, says a top cosmetics artist. Dior National Make-up Artist Jamie Coombes has given some top tips on how to ensure your face always looks its best. Firstly he advises considering your outfit …

“Ladies wearing less jewels can work a bolder eye look than those draped in diamonds.”

“The thing to bear in mind is that red carpet make-up is quite different for example, from the make-up that you’d create for a studio shoot. The hundreds of flash-bulbs mean that foundation must be kept to a minimal and should be used to perfect, not mask the face,”…

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