Fashion Style For Older Women

With the glossy magazines filling the shelves every so often for the younger generations and the fashionistas, little is said about fashion style for older women or fashion for women of any age. The fashion industry tends to ignore mature women in their trends due to obvious reasons – they only focus on fashionable age groups.

Fashion Style For Older Women

Mary Berry – courtesy: Colin1661music

I was thrilled when I read the article about the 78-year-old Mary Berry’s fashion style by The Mail Online; I decided to write something for the older women. I admire her sense of style even at her age, she looks fit and fashionable as well.

There are many things to consider as we grow older:

  • our body temperature plummets, especially if you are a slim person, which explains why Mary Berry had to wear thermals and layers of clothing during her cooking show. Therefore there is the tendency for us to feel colder than the younger generation. This will affect out clothing choice and fabric
  • skin-tone becomes more sallow, hair and skin-tone lose its pigments, as a result, wearing bright colours like the neon will not look good against the skin. A more subtle colour will be more appropriate. Wear colours that will complement your skin-tone

At 78 years old, Mary Berry is not thinking of her outer wear but about how to keep herself warm and away from the weather elements.

Her bright floral outfits have turned her into a fashion icon on The Great British Bake Off.

But it seems Mary Berry spent more time thinking what to wear under her clothes than choosing her outer-garments.

The 78-year-old TV judge has revealed she was so cold on the set of the BBC2 competition she had to wear thermal underwear while filming.

How To Look Fashionable Even In Old Age:

  • Understand what your body needs rather than just being a fashionista who only wants to follow the trends.
  • Your style, the fit and the choice of fabric are also very important
  • Wear clothes that will fit your body shape, not too tight and not too loose
  • Consider elegance and classic styles
  • Find wearable clothes within your lifestyle and budget
  • Choose classic shapes and clothes that drapes, not cling. You don’t want to dress like a teenager or be in competition with your grand-daughter
  • Dress your age

Fashions For Mature Women:

Here are some online shops or places to shop if you are looking for something perfect for your body shape, age and style for any occasion:

Marks and Spencer

Twiggy lace dressFashion Style For Older Women











M&S are one of the UK’s leading fashion retailers that sell stylish, high quality, great value clothing and home products. There is something for every woman regardless of age, size, and the occasion. Marks and Spencer stock various brands ranging from Autograph, Limited collection, per una, classic to designer oriented Twiggy as well as lingerie collection.



Fashion Style For Older Women


Wallis fashion is stylish, modern and feminine. They are also inspirational clothes that interpret current fashion trends but will last beyond the season. Wallis clothing are of good quality, fit and value for money.


They have something for every woman, for example, bespoke range for petite women, 5’3 and under.


Mother of the bride


Monsoon designs are inspired by treasured eastern craft traditions, vivid colours and rich fabrics. Monsoon celebrates global culture , individuality and fashion that speaks to women who dress with a sense of adventure. There is something for all ages and different occasions.

What to wear if you are an older woman

Being old is not a disease, you can still be fashionable and wear bright colours just like Ms Berry. What matters is co-ordination of the colours.

  • Be aware also that your hemlines must not be too short but above the knees will be perfect.
  • Jewellery will help remove attention from obvious areas around the neck and arm
  • Hemlines should not be too short but above the knees. You can do with handkerchief style dress or skirt for example
  • Look smart and refined
  • Wear clothes with clean lines and classic cuts
  • Low to medium heeled shoes will be ideal
  • Handbag or clutch to complement your outfit according to the occasion you are attending

Above all, wear something that makes you look comfortable regardless of what anyone says.

‘I like to be bright and cheerful. That is fun. And I always wear something warm.

‘If you are slim, that means that you get very cold

Read more about Mary Berry from The Mail Online

Do you need more tips? Then read the manual about how to look fabulous all the time, at any age, for any occasion:

Style Clinic: How to Look Fabulous All the Time, at Any Age, for Any Occasion

Fashion style for older women

Watch the video on dressing for your age:

Video courtesy: YouTube

Would you wear any of these as an older person?

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  1. Tina Boomerina says:

    Maybe being old IS a disease and I’ve caught it. Aaaaah-choo!

    1. wtwp says:

      Tina, being old is a blessing! Using your term, it is a ‘disease’ we should all pray to have unless we don’t want to get there. Getting old gracefully is marvellous.