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John McCain Snapshot

John McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

The Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix has confirmed that the 80-year old Republican Senator from Arizona has “a glioblastoma” that was found via testing after he went in for surgery on a blood clot over his eye on July 14.

According to the [...]

Thu, Jul 20, 2017
The Hollywood Gossip
Here's how to find similar ones for yourself. [...]
Wed, Jul 19, 2017
Huffington Post
Kanye West is a shoe-in when it comes to inspirational stories. The rapper heard the story of Tyler Wesley, a fan who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury 5 years ago in a roll-over car accident. A C-4 vertebrae break on his neck left him… [...]
Wed, Jul 19, 2017
Two new books from the Harry Potter universe are set to be released as part of a British exhibition that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the launch of the series. [...]
Wed, Jul 19, 2017
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