Victoria’s Secret Coming To London Westfield

Finally, it is confirmed that Victoria’s Secret will be opening one of its planned two UK stores in July 2012. The initial plan was to open two stores (Bond Street and Westfield – Stratford) in the UK to coincide with the Olympic games. Victoria’s Secret coming to London Westfield has been an ongoing rumour.  As an […]

David Cameron Does Not Wear Jewellery

David Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party and the British Prime Minister, just in case anyone is wondering. He became the British prime Minister in the 2010 general election by forming a coalition Government. David is married to Samantha Cameron and they currently have three children, but David Cameron does not wear jewellery. […]

Tips For Cheap Summer Wedding Outfit

Summer is the wedding season preferred by most people because of the brightness it brings to the occasion. It is also good to reflect the season in whatever we wear as a guest or bridesmaid. We are always spoilt for choice on what to wear to summer wedding because the presence of floral and vibrant […]

Should You Wear High Heeled Shoes?

It is no doubt that moving with fashion trend is important so as not to be left behind. But, should you wear high heeled shoes? If you must, how high should they be? It makes me wonder how people prefer to suffer in silence for the sake of fashion whenever I see my 18 year […]

Britney Spears X-Factor Judge – USA

It is that time of the year again, It’s the X-Factor show, Hurray! Well, seriously the X-Factor show has started this season but only this time it is in the USA. Not only does the occasion focus on the contestants but also on its Judges. Therefore, everyone is on the spotlight during the X-Factor. Do […]

Fashion Tips: Co-ordinate Your Fashion Accessories

How do you decide What To Wear with your makeup or which makeup goes with your outfit, making the right choice can be very daunting indeed. I have been digging and stumbled on fashion tips: co-ordinate your fashion accessories which I believe you will find useful.  Fashion Tips: Co-ordinate Your Fashion Accessories Before deciding What […]