Does What You Wear On Halloween Reflect Who You Are?

What will you wear on Pagan day or Halloween’s day as it is famously known? Widely celebrated by both followers and non-followers of pagan, people sometimes use the occasion to bring out who they truly are. Does what you wear on Halloween reflect who you are in real life? Do you do trick or treat, wear spooky costume, wear a pumpkin outfit or just a scary outfit?

Does What You Wear On Halloween Reflect Who You Are?

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No doubt there is fun to be made on this day especially children who like dressing up like their favourite cartoon character. We don’t know for sure why people dress in certain ways. A report from Liza Donnelly on Forbes queries if there is a study that analyzes people’s choice for Halloween.

I wonder if there is a study that analyzes the choices people make for Halloween. Do you decorate your apartment or house with terrifying or cute spooky things? On October 31st, do you turn off all your lights and hope no one knocks on your door for candy? Do you give out fruit instead of Mars bars?…

However you choose to dress for Halloween this year, what motivates you to wear what you are going to be wearing? What is the story behind your Halloween costume?

Would you be mindful of what people might say about your dressing if you chose to dress sexy for instance? What would go through your mind if you saw someone dressed in a really scary way as in a horror movie with a machete in hand?

But most importantly, does what you wear on Halloween say something about you? What if you were to chose to wear a Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandburg, Miley …

I love children when they dress up as their cartoon character or a fruit. They look so innocent and adorable. What are you wearing and why?

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