David Cameron Does Not Wear Jewellery

David Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party and the British Prime Minister, just in case anyone is wondering. He became the British prime Minister in the 2010 general election by forming a coalition Government. David is married to Samantha Cameron and they currently have three children, but David Cameron does not wear jewellery.

David Cameron does not wear jewellery

Most men don’t wear jewellery anyway even wedding bands. But David Cameron does not wear any at all including watches according to the Dailymail.co.uk.

David Cameron Does Not Wear Jewellery

David Cameron inadvertently underlined his status as a dedicated ‘chillaxer’ yesterday – when he revealed he has never worn a watch…

Explaining the decision, he said he had ‘never got used to’ wearing anything on his hands.

Although 90 per cent of couples these days by two wedding bands rather than one, it is not unusual for men in the higher echelons of society to eschew a wedding ring.

Peter York, author of the Sloane Ranger Handbook, told the Daily Telegraph that Mr Cameron was exhibiting a form of class ‘code’ by not wearing a ring.

He said: ‘There is a group of upper class people who think the less of that stuff you wear the better, less bling.’

Is Cameron’s decision not to wear jewellery due to his class in society, dislike for jewellery, or that ‘gentlemen don’t wear jewellery’? He is not alone in this because the Duke of Cambridge does not wear wedding ring either. Apart from men that are promiscuous, who don’t wear wedding rings so that women will not know that they are married, some men genuinely don’t like to wear bling, bling.

Despite Mr Cameron’s decision, prices for male wedding rings have soared in the past 50 years with the trend becoming ever more popular.

It started after the Second World War when men wore rings while they were away to remind them of home.

When it was announced that Prince William would not wear one after his wedding to Kate Middleton, Clarence House helpfully explained it was ‘quite common for there just to be one ring in a society wedding’.

But it is rare for a man of Mr Cameron’s generation never to have worn a watch – even with the modern fad of relying on smartphones to tell the time. Read the rest on Mail Online…

If you are a man reading this post, do you wear any form of jewellery at all, and what are your reasons either way?

Is it appropriate for men to wear jewellery, even though David Cameron does not wear jewellery, do you feel differently about his decision not to do so?


What is or are your opinions on jewelleries generally? Do you wear them, do you loath them? What do you think of jewellery for men and the fact that David Cameron does not wear jewellery?  Please share it below.

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