Dangers Of Wearing High Heeled Shoes

Summer season is that time or season of the year that women want to show off their well pedicured toes and walk around in some dangerously high open toe shoes or sandals. Yeah, it is fine to be a fashionista, but are you ready to bear the consequences and in particular, the dangers of wearing high-heeled shoes? Or are we being just ignorant of the effects of wearing high-heeled shoes?

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Bianca Spikes 140 Platform Pumps

There are good things as well as bad things associated with wearing high-heeled shoes. Wearing heels can be fun especially if you are able to maintain your posture and walk courageously without tripping or falling over.

Whoever invented high-heeled shoes? I don’t think there was anyone per se, but whoever did, really did a good job for the women.

I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.

Marilyn Monroe

The fun and embarrassing side of wearing heels are unlimited.

For example, the hurt and taking a tumble:

Then, even after only five minutes, your feet are starting to hurt.

You start relying on inanimate objects around you — like the wall — to keep your balance.

But, inevitably, you slip…

…and fall.

What can be more funny than seeing a model take a tumble during a catwalk show? You may find this funny now, but I guess the model involved was really embarrassed.

Model falls over in Burberry show in this video:

Ouch, what a thud? Humiliating, if you agree with me in this video. The model fell with a very loud thud in front of the audience.

Imagine wearing the shoes yourself without help from anyone, then you fell or staggered on your feet as you walked along.

Sometimes people need to help you walk as you stumble.

Videos courtesy YouTube

See more funny sides of heels on Huffington Post

The Good Things About heeled Shoes?

  • They are available in  Sandals, pumps, courts, wedges, spikes, plain,stiletto heels, and so on.
  • Fashionable and desirable so much so most people want to wear them all the time
  • You can buy them from online stores or in shops without questions asked.

Dolce Vita

Wicked – Leopard Fur by Dolce Vita

Dangers Of Wearing High Heeled Shoes

 Leale – Hot Pink Suede by Kristin Cavallari

The sandals are available from Heels.com

High heeled shoes also range from cheap to expensive, luxury or designer to ordinary.

Dangers Of Wearing High Heeled Shoes                                                               Luna Lace Platform Pumps by Jimmy Choo

Do you like the shoes above, you can get them from the links below:


What Are the Dangers Associated With High Heeled Shoes?

Medically however, it has been proved that wearing high-heeled shoes can be dangerous to your health. the report by Washington Post suggest the following:

With high heels, corns develop up under the balls of the foot where the weight of your body presses down, and they feel like small rocks underfoot when you walk.

These may not sound too bad, but what about the more serious effects:

…capsulitis, a painful inflammation of the joints where the toes attach to the foot, and neuromas, or pinched nerves, where pointy high heels squeeze the toes. And when the heel is frequently in a high-heel shoe, it can cause the Achilles tendon (which connects the calf muscle to the heel bone) to tighten.

Wearing high heels can also cause inflammation of the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia. That can result in severe heel pain and the need for aggressive treatments such as oral anti-inflammatories, oral steroids, cortisone injections, walking boots and crutches.

With time, the effects of wearing high-heeled shoes will start manifesting on our bodies as we get older.

If you are worried about high-heeled shoes side effects, you can read more about it from Washington Post.

It is advisable not to wear heels during pregnancy for the obvious reason of harming the unborn baby in case you fall accidentally.

As human, we all want to try things even if we are aware of the side effects and dangers involved in whatever we are trying to do. I guess we are like cat – curiosity killed the cat.

Some people see wearing high heels differently.

Behold, the reasons why wearing high heels is like being in high hell.

What Are The Better alternatives To High Heeled Shoes?

Flats, medium to low heeled sandals, ballet shoes or even Fitflop shoes as shown below:

Dangers Of Wearing High Heeled ShoesFitflops shoes

Fitflops are comfortable and easy to walk with.


What do you think of heels generally? Would you still wear high-heeled shoes even after knowing the risks involved in doing so?

If you wear heels, how long do you stay on them for? If you had a choice, would you choose carefully between heels and comfort shoes?

Please comments below.


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