Clinique Collaborates With TED For The Next Smart Idea

Clinique is collaborating with TED – an international forum for smart thinking, to launch a global search enabling you to share any smart idea that you may have with the group. According to Stephanie Celenza, the PR for this initiative, the collaboration is linked to Clinique’s Smart Serum franchise, If you have the aspiration to […]

H&M Launches Beauty Range In Autumn

In order to form a one-stop shop for its customers both online and in-store, H&M has announced the launch of its beauty products. Before you get too excited, the launch is expected in all its stores worldwide this autumn, and it will include a full range of make-up as well as haircare, bodycare and beauty […]

10 Best Beauty Tips From Moms

To most people, Mother’s Day is the day to shower your mum with gifts and attention. Whilst some find the day to make that important call to mum if she doesn’t live close enough for a visit. As a child/ren growing up, you learn most important things from the woman you call your mother – […]

Can Your Makeup Bag Be Without Lipstick In 2014

The New Year 2014 has only just started. The beginning of the year is when people make so many resolutions on what to do and not to do in the year. Beauty products are some of the things women can’t do without in a single day. Even men are competing with women theses days with […]

NYFW Marc Jacobs Spring 2014

Courtesy photo The NYFW may have been over, but the effects it has created remain. The reason for a Fashion Week is to show a preview of what is expected in the following season. With different fashion designers and different  models to showcase their designs within one week, this may be too much for some […]

How To Look Beautiful With Less Makeup

Looking glam or beautiful all the time is every woman’s dream. Fulfilling this dream need not cost you the time and your life savings. This post is going to show you how to use less makeup whilst still realising your dream. What do you need to look beautiful? Here are the essential products you will […]

RIP Talia Castellano TaliaJoy18 At Just 13

‘Sad’ is too soft to describe my emotions when I heard that TaliaJoy18 died of cancer at just 13 years of age. This is very upsetting but I admire her courage to carry on despite the diagnosis and treatments she had to endure though she knew she would not survive the cancer. Till her death, […]