Clinique Collaborates With TED For The Next Smart Idea

Clinique Collaborates With TED For The Next Smart Idea

Clinique is collaborating with TED – an international forum for smart thinking, to launch a global search enabling you to share any smart idea that you may have with the group. According to Stephanie Celenza, the PR for this initiative, the collaboration is linked to Clinique’s Smart Serum franchise,
If you have the aspiration to be the next Sara Blakely, Sheryl Sandberg, or maybe you just have an idea that you think may be commercially viable, however small it may be, take the chance and place it in the front of the brightest minds.
You don’t have anything to lose but you may regret keeping your lucrative idea under your closet if you don’t give it a try.

Watch the following video for more info:

This is part of a movement to engage with and encourage women all over the world to share their intelligence, ambition and creativity on how to improve women’s live.

This new partnership between Clinique and TED is an effort to further the brand’s dedication to empowerment and supporting women’s success.

With $20,000 on the line for the contest, the winner will be invited as a special guest to the Smart Women series at the TEDWomen conference in 2016,

You must submit your ideas by 30th September 30, 2015. The winner will be announced in the fall season.
Click here for more details of how to enter.

Put your ideas to the test, it could win you the $20,000 price.

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