Ciara’s National Anthem Dress

OMG! Ciara, you are such a beautiful woman, and I think you sing beautifully well also (otherwise you wouldn’t have been invited to perform at the Phoenix Stadium); though I’m yet to listen to any of your songs.


But let’s call a spade, a spade; Ciara’s National Anthem dress Ciara that she wore to the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship Game, Alabama Crimson Tide v the Clemson Tigers, on January 11, though a lovely dress but it was inappropriate for the occasion.

What’s The Problem With Ciara’s National Anthem Dress At Championship Game?

This is just like saying ‘being at the right place at the wrong time‘. I think the purpose of you being there was to come and sing and not to do otherwise. For the sake of the young persons present, most people, democratically and morally speaking, would have loved to hear your lovely voice as you sang, and to see your beautiful face but not what lies beneath your clothing.

It is good to keep what’s private like so. Do you call this a small visible portion?

What’s more, singing the National Anthem should be done with respect in my opinion. Ciara, representing the USA, I’m sure you wouldn’t wear that dress to the white house to visit President Obama. Actually, I wonder what would Michelle Obama say if you wore that to the White House?

With due respect, Mrs Obama, if you happen to read this, what would your reaction be if Ciara wore that see-through dress to visit the White House? Would that not be inviting a ‘SCANDAL’ (Kerry Washington) to the White House?

I don’t think it is a small visible portion according to this person below:

“But because there is a small visible portion of her cleavage, Ciara is destroying society and scarring children for the rest of their lives. At least, according to these people.”

Please let’s protect the innocence of the young ones. Even a 3-year old knows the dress was not right for the occasion.

Twitter Comments:

“This guy has a 3-year-old who knows how to use “inappropriate” correctly in a sentence but calls breasts “bumps.”

I’m sure majority still practice Christianity and still take their children to church for christening / baptism. Would you wear that dress to a christening event, as a guest or otherwise, and sit in front of the priest? What would be the reaction of people around you? They will probably eat you raw if given the chance.

To avert this public outcry in future, organisers of public events involving young people should have dress codes. For example in the UK, The Royal Ascot, and The Lord’s Cricket Club both have dress codes for their events.

For the benefit of a doubt, maybe she wore the dress back to front?

A fab dress worn by a lovely person who sings well maybe, but for that situation, it was inappropriate in my opinion.

Who supports my views on this?

Do you think Ciara’s dress was inappropriate to sing the National Anthem?

Share your thoughts below:

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