Chanel Haute Couture SS16 Collection

Held in Paris last week was the Paris Haute Couture Week. A week for the luxury and famous fashion designers to showcase their Spring – Summer 2016 creativity. Amongst the most known are Chanel and Dior. However, many young and aspiring designers have gained entrance to the Haute Couture fashion.
Gone were the days when couture fashion was for the not so many elites in the society due to the cost. Haute Couture fashion has become so simple these days that you can wear them anywhere you deem fit. What a transformation from what used to be clothes worn during the Roman Empires to just an everyday wear today.

Chanel Haute Couture SS16

Chanel Haute Couture SS16 collection range from simple everyday dress to the more sophisticated clothes. It seems that every year, Karl Lagerfeld showcased his collection in nature themed environments. 2013 was solar panel and wind turbines, spring 2015 was garden-themed, whilst this year, he opted for a wood effect Doll’s house. When you are in fierce competition, you just have to do something different to stand out of the crowd. His eccentric earned him the respect for his creativity.

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The theme reflects in the clothes. Rather than the vibrant spring colours shown last year, this year’s colours are warm, subtle fabrics embroidered with mixture of wood shavings, small tiles or patterns of bees, birds and flowers. The concept is the marriage of the old with the new, as there are hints of 60s designs incorporated in most of the designs.

The most stunning looks, however, featured geometric lace and textured embroidery in rhinestones or beading that recalled the mathematical patterns of nature without necessarily incorporating “sustainable” fabrics.”

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Both the makeup and hairstyles are from the old.

Were Karl Lagerfeld a younger man, would the designs be different? Considering most of Chanel’s clients are now people from the younger generation, with the likes of Kanye, Diane Kruger, Cara Delevingne.
Whether Lagerfeld is trying to convince the environmentalist or not, is a question only Karl can answer.

The Making Of Haute Couture

With so much effort put into making a single item of clothing by hand, no wonder couture fashion is for people who can effortlessly pay thousands of pounds for an outfit. Each piece of item is meticulously made by hand.

Chanel designs are expensive and exclusive to purchase from selected retailers. Nonetheless, its beauty range can be bought from most of the high street stores.

Click here to watch the Slideshow of the Chanel’s Haute Couture SS16:

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