Cannes Film Festival Fashion Trends

To say the Cannes International Film Festival is a glamorous event is an understatement. Founded in 1946, it is one of the most prestigious and publicised film festivals in the world. Held annually in the month of May, the event is to preview new films of  all genres. What about the fashion element of the event? When you talk of Hollywood actors and actresses, what do you expect them to wear? The best place to show off the most precious jewels and lavishly styled gown is at the Cannes.


Cannes Film Festival Fashion Trends

Emma Watson – Twitter photo

The monochrome trend seemed to be the most popular amongst the celebrities according to Yahoo! Movies.

The event which finished on 26 May this year alleged had an unusual fashion trend with most of the actresses wearing the monochrome trend in at least one of the days of the event. That is to say, the event was dominated by the black and white trend in various shades, shapes and sizes.

The International Cannes Film Festival, known as much for it’s movies as it is for it’s outlandish fashion, jeweled gowns, feathered frocks, had a very unusual fashion trend this year. Black and white

Emma Watson, Zoe Saldana, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lawrence were amongst those who wore the trend on the red carpet. Emma Watson looked gorgeous in the black and white Chanel gown, Rooney Mara was seen twice in monochrome, Zoe Saldana attended the photocall for ‘Blood Ties’ and was seen wearing a mixture of colour-block and polka dot dress.

From polka dots, to color blocking, everyone from Sharon Stone to Jennifer Lawrence was wearing this monochromatic color combo

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The Cannes Festival brought glamoour,  jewellery theft and wardrobe mishaps to the event which finally drew its curtain last Sunday.

Watch the Cannes Festival 2013 Celebrities Style Best Dresses Day 1

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Which of the celebrities dresses do you prefer? Who are your favourite celebrities?



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