Avril Lavigne Wore A Black Wedding Dress

Getting married is every woman’s joy, choosing a dress and accessories to wear is another pressure we have to endure. Avril Lavigne wore a Black Wedding Dress when she tied the knot with hubby, Chad Kroeger, on Canada’s Day last Monday. Proving to be different and not to follow the wedding tradition of a white gown was what Avril Lavigne did when she decided to go wild and chose to wear a black wedding gown for her nuptial.

Avril Lavigne Wore A Black Wedding Dress

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Avril Ramona Lavigne is a 28 year old Canadian and French singer-songwriter. The singer is known for her unique way of dressing which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This has reflected in her choice of Gothic theme wedding dress.

A report by Huffington Post suggested that Avril intended to wear a more controversial wedding outfit when tying the knot.

Avril Lavigne promised us she’d wear a “badass wedding gown,” but we’re not sure she delivered. If you haven’t already heard, the singer wed Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger on Monday (aka Canada Day) in a black tulle gown. We get that you’re unconventional, Avril, but where were all of the punk-pop sartorial details that we’ve come to know and tolerate?

Although this is Avril’s second marriage, what matters most is staying together longer for better for worse, happier and in good health.

She even had a classic and traditional wedding for her first marriage according to sources.

The first time around she went classic bride [Related: Remember when she was Deryck Whibley’s wife?], so her second wedding was her chance to go crazy

Well, second time lucky, we wish Avril all the best this time around.

The singer’s fans took to Twitter to share photos of her black wedding dress.


Even the cake and flowers were not spared.

Check out a photo of the black wedding cake on Twitter:



What do you make of her wedding outfit?

Could you wear a black wedding dress for your wedding, or does it not matter?

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