Angelina Jolie Wears Versace Gown For Her Wedding

Angelina Jolie Wears Versace Gown For Her Wedding


The long-awaited day finally arrived for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they tied the knot in August.

Angelina’s wedding dress was custom designed by Luigi Massi at Alelier Versace and uniquely decorated by her 6 children, each of them putting their artwork on the back of the gown and the veil.

the ivory gown featured ruched detailing at the bust, a corseted bodice and full skirt. But Massi and Jolie ensured the dress had its own unique twist by embroidering colourful doodles by Jolie and Pitt’s six children onto the back of the dress and veil.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wed in a romantic private ceremony in France on August 23, 2014 according to reports. The wedding was attended by just 20 people inclusive of friends and family members in the chapel of Château Miraval in the French village of Correns.

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It was a low-key event; Brad wore a suit he owned and worn previously, as if to say we have finally done it to keep us all quiet.

Angelina’s wedding dress was apparently designed by Luigi Massi at Alelier Versace, the couture wing of the Italian fashion house, as detailed below


The couple’s wedding was really a family affair with each of their 6 kids playing a key role; from walking down the aisle, being flower girls, to baking the cake.

The wedding photos were exclusive to PEOPLE and Hello! magazine

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