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If you are looking for a unique fashion trend, vibrant colours and music, look no further than in Africa. The continent is blessed with many of these; which are yet to be fully discovered. As with emerging markets, African fashion is emerging really strongly. Lets face it, the continent has so many talented designers who have more to offer to the rest of the world.

 Africa Fashion Week

Photos courtesy: Africa Fashion Week London

According to reports by the CNN, the event,  currently in its third year, took place last weekend in London between August 1-3.

Currently in its third year, the glamorous event saw dozens of big names and up-and-coming designers from across the continent descending on the UK capital’s hip district of Shoreditch to unveil their latest stylish creations.

The African Fashion Week 2013 brought with it culture, colour and the determination to succeed to the occasion. This was a positive news for the continent that is plagued with everything bad ranging from fraudulent activities to wars, famine and natural disasters. This was about bringing in innovation and glamour to what you wear everyday.

Speaking of glamour, the colours were vibrant, the designs were unique reflecting cultures accross the board of the continent.

Ademiluyi says the continent’s fashion today “represents a fusion of contemporary and African designs” awash with “a lot of vibrant colors and tribal trends.”

Africa Fashion Week London Latest News Africa Fashion Week London Latest News

Africa Fashion Week












 Courtesy photos.

The runways featured designs from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Morocco — but also from the diaspora, including Britain and the Caribbean.

However, the African Fashion industry is not without its problems. Exposure, sponsorship, are some of the visible problems to the fashion industry in Africa. This show did something to bring awareness to the creativity of the people of Africa.

“A lot of them are talented but they’re struggling,” she says. “They don’t have support from anywhere, so what we do is we support them — it’s an affordable platform for the designers to showcase their talents to the world.”

“The main thing is to bring attention to them, to showcase their creativity to the world so they get more global recognition for what they do and more appreciations for their brands as well.”

What happens now that the Africa Fashion Week is over?

Unlike the more famous Fashion Weeks such as London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week where items are bought right there on the runway, the future of the African Fashion Week may not be certain. If after the show, where do you buy the items from if they are all made in Africa with nowhere to buy them in the UK for example.

Despite the uncertainty, some of the designers however have a positive picture of what the future holds for them.

“You can meet some really important people here and I have already met some great people here that I think I’ll do business with,” says Durban-based Mandy, known for hand-painting on dresses and t-shirts.

But the organiser of the event has a differnt proposition for the fashion industry in Africa.

Looking ahead, Ademiluyi says the goal is to hold the event twice a year and also establish a supply platform that would make the designers’ creations more accessible to the world.

“For a lot of them, after Africa Fashion Week, that’s it,” she says. “The clients don’t know where to get their brand, so we hope to support the designers a lot more by opening up a distribution outlet.”

Find more inspirational designs from Africa Fashion Week London website and you can read the full report at CNN

Everything Africa does, it does really well – loud music, great and vibrant colours and a good show for an emerging market. Lets hope the organisers and the designers will keep to their promises and bring back the show more often as well as provide the facilities to sell and buy the creativities of the designers.

Are you an African or do you like to wear African designs?

Let us know what you think about the Africa Fashion Week.


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