10 Decades of Halloween Costumes – (Video)

10 Decades of Halloween Costumes - (Video)With less than 2 weeks to Halloween, if you are still struggling with what to wear to your Halloween party, then take a look back in 100 years of Halloween costumes.

Watch the video below for 10 decades of Halloween costumes in 3 minutes

It can be pretty difficult to make a choice particularly when you are bombarded with several choices.


Did you know that you can even make your own Halloween costume if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the rather expensive one? Using your old clothes with a bit of imagination and innovation you will make a really cool costume for you or your family.

Would you rather go with your favourite Star Wars character for your party costume or if you are not a fan, what would your Halloween theme be?

See some Halloween inspiration from Mode.

Suggestions For Halloween Party Ideas:
DIY costumes
Face painting tips

Got any ideas to share with us regarding your Halloween costume and party?

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