10 Best Beauty Tips From Moms

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To most people, Mother’s Day is the day to shower your mum with gifts and attention. Whilst some find the day to make that important call to mum if she doesn’t live close enough for a visit. As a child/ren growing up, you learn most important things from the woman you call your mother – whether she’s your biological or someone who is of a mother figure to you.  In my culture, we call any woman older than us in age mother, often times too, they give motherly advice.
Apart from the gorgeous and beautiful looks you picked from you natural mother, what beauty advice did you inherit or was verbally passed on to you from your mum? Sometimes too, without realising it and because we watch our moms do certain things, we tend to do the same by copying them.

This Sunday is a Mothering Sunday in the UK, and to honour the women who had impacted so much in our lives, beauty-wise, we are asking you to share with us what beauty advice – hair, skincare and beauty, you had passed on to you by your mother or anyone of a mother figure to you.

Here Are 9 Beauty Tips From Some Lovely Moms:

  • Skincare

It’s amazing to know what moisturizers can do to your skin. You don’t have to spend tons of money to get a good moisturising lotion. Sometimes, the cheapest one turns out to be the most effect. Using olive oil will do wonders on your skin.

“My grandmother always said, ‘You only have one face; take care of it’. No matter how tired you are, cleanse and moisturize, stay out of the sun and drink water.”
– Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estée Lauder

“Always wash makeup off at night before bed with a gentle cleanser. And moisturize!!”
– Lily Aldridge, Victoria’s Secret Angel

“Always eat healthy! Beautiful skin comes from within and you can work out and have lots of facials but if you eat badly neither of those will matter.”
– Doutzen Kroes, Victoria’s Secret Angel

  • Hair

“My mother has very thick hair. She could not really cut shorter hair. She taught me that even if you cut hair short, you should leave a certain softness. No matter what. She’s not a hairdresser but she knew! Even if you do a hair cut like Mia Farrow in the 60s, it needs to have that softness. Now I’m a big spokesperson of soft hair.”
– Luigi Murenu, Celeb and Runway Hair Stylist Extraordinaire

Mom always said: “Never get bangs with your curly hair!” (Excellent advice — never have, never will.)
— Lisa Sugar, editor in chief, POPSUGAR

Say “Thank You” to mum with flowers on Mother’s Day!

10 Best Beauty Tips From Moms

  • Beauty

“Never leave the house without lipstick, tissues, and floss.”
—Amanda Grooms, research and beauty credits editor, Glamour

“She knew the power of scent memories. She wore the same perfume whenever she and my dad were going out, leaving us behind with a babysitter. So she’d spritz her perfume on a scarf and tie it around the neck of my favorite stuffed elephant, and I’d cling to it all night. A few weeks ago I bumped into someone wearing the same scent, and I was suddenly 4 years old again!”
—Andi Bartz, senior editor, Glamour

“My mom always taught me not to overtweeze or wax my eyebrows. She has always liked the look of fuller brows, and I went through much of my teen years with too-far-apart, too thin brows. She (thankfully) wouldn’t let me tweeze them quite as much as I wanted to. I’m so glad that she helped me realize how much better it looks not to have pencil-thin brows and that I was able to bounce back from the sparse ones I had in my teen years. Yikes.”
—Stephanie Saltzman, editorial contributor, Allure

“From my mom I learned the ritual of taking baths. Bathing is so relaxing and healing, and when I take a long,hot bath I feel revived and beautiful!”
– Kathryn Friedman, photo Editor, ELLE

The best beauty advice my mom gave me is that when it comes to makeup, jewelry, accessories, etc., “less is more.” That advice has influenced my style in a lot of ways and has made me more inclined to wear classic, simple ensembles with one pop of color or one big statement piece to spice it up.
— Hilary White, editorial assistant, POPSUGAR

Does any of the advice relate to you? What do you think?
What beauty tips did you learn from your mom that you are still using today?

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